4 Common Ways to Take CBD

4 Common Ways to Take CBD

by Pat Daniel

Cannabis has been used for centuries as a source of medicine for healing purposes. With the evolution of health technology, there are now many ways that you can incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) into your daily health.

There has been a widespread development of products from this naturally occurring compound that are widely used for different purposes. Today, we have flavored CBD like peppermint, CBD edible gummies, CBD vape juices and CBD-infused bottle water. All these have different compounds that are either helpful or not to the body. They have therapeutic value that has been medically and scientifically proven to be fit for your health and results an optimum performance.

CBD Edibles

Many consumers prefer this type of CBD. There has been, therefore, a widespread development of edible formats of CBD. Many consumers prefer this type of CBD for three main reasons.

  • Their efficiency because of their ease of use.
  • The different variety of tastes.
  • Their quality of being discreet.

However, this Type of CBD has its downside. It has an earthy taste which sometimes can be overpowering or too hard to swallow. This has been the common complaint so far. The best part is that some of the edibles are coated into mouth-watering treats like candy,  snacks and sweets. This totally wipes out any bad taste.

CBD Vape Oil or E-juice

This has been the popularized CBD product that is spreading like wildfire. According to studies, inhalation is one of the most effective ways to take CBD.

When inhaled, cannabinoids are taken directly to the bloodstream through the respiratory tract, hence its status as the most bio-available and speediest medium. Unlike taking CBD orally, this does NOT depend on mastication, digestion and assimilation into the bloodstream.

Before consumption, it’s advised to take a keen interest in the ingredients pf the vaporizer oil and check them carefully. This is because there are vendors out there that are selling unregulated and unauthorized vape juices, and this can be dangerous.


If you are a regular consumer of CBD, you already know that tinctures are a popular way to take CBD. They are also considered to be the purest forms of CBD, as it extracted directly from the hemp plant and and mixed with a solvent, usually alcohol and vegetable glycerin. Taken sublingually, it is absorbed by the mouth into the bloodstream. To make it tastier, some of the producers add flavor for easy consumption.

Before consumption, you are advised to research dosage, which can range from 100mg to 1000mg daily. Take the drops under your tongue or mix with a little water or juice.

CBD Capsules

Once you have decided to use CBD as a daily supplement, it is great to start with capsules. Capsules are the easiest of all the ways to take CBD. An added advantage is that you can add CBD capsules to the daily vitamin regimen.

The capsules are usually manufactured in sizes of 10mg and 25mg, making it simply to keep track of daily consumption. Just toss back your capsules with water and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, and each one has its benefits and challenges. But consider this: Any way you take your CBD is better than none at all!

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