5 Essential Smoking Accessories for the Medical Cannabis Patient

5 Essential Smoking Accessories for the Medical Cannabis Patient

These days, the market is bursting with ways and means for licensed medical cannabis patients to take their medicine:

Snacking on delicious edibles. Inhaling balloons full of cool, gentle mist. Rubbing on luscious, CBD-rich creams and lotions. 

But there will also be people who believe—as long as good respiratory health allows—that smoking good old-fashioned flower is the way to go. Minimal processing, instant relief and the sheer marvelous beauty of the plant are just a few of the reasons many medical cannabis patients take home fresh green buds from their favorite dispensaries. 

Here are few fine accoutrements for those who prefer to smoke their medicine in its most natural form.


5 Essential Smoking Accessories for the Medical Cannabis Patient

Glass Mini Rig

Regular doses require a tool that's easy to use and easy to clean. Our house favorite features a compact, wide body and features a deep downstem that works with low water levels for excellent diffusion. The bowl sits far away from the glass from the extended bent neck for maximum safety, and is highly manageable at 7.5-inches high. 

Plus, this versatile piece of glass can serve as a highly-capable dab rig by simply by switching out the bowl for a nail, should you decide to branch out into concentrates. 


Kraken grinders
Kraken Grinder 

Breaking up flower can be a sticky situation. Why not let a grinder do the job? Our Kraken Grinders are forged from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloys that will granulate your dry herbs easily and consistently. 

Best of all, these grinders employ easy-grip technology to separate tiers and clear compartments, so even arthitic hands can handle them. (Need help choosing a Kraken grinder? Learn more here.)


FEZ vaporizer

FEZ Vaporizer Pen

Many folks want their smoke without the damaging effects of fire, which can irritate the lungs and exacerbate certain medical conditions. The Fez gently vaporizers dry herbs while preserving the oils, aromas and flavors of your favorite strain. 

Lightweight yet powerful, the Fez vape boasts 2,000 puffs per charge and can easily be plugged into any USB port. Heats up in 60 seconds for reliable dose delivery on the go or at home. 


Glass Blunt

Another way to reduce the effects of smoking is to use a glass blunt in lieu of a rolled joint. Sesh Supply glass blunts hold over a gram of freshly-ground herbs without the harsh effects of tobacco in blunt wraps or added irritation from burning paper.

The chamber protects from the wind and keeps your meds burningly evenly—just tap the ash. If you're participating in a group session, these glass tools the paperless way to puff, puff, pass.


smell proof baggies

Smell-Proof Bags

Even in states where medical cannabis is legal, your medicine is your business. Healthcare choices are personal and private, and our smell-proof bags help keep it that way. 

Food safe and reusable, these heavy duty plastic baggies are moisture- and puncture-resistant and are available in small, medium and large sizes. Keep on a few on hand for your next trip to the dispensary. 

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