CBD For Pets? Yes!

CBD For Pets? Yes!

By Amy Glor

The more you know about using CBD to treat veterinary problems, the more you’ll want to do it.

Despite widespread misconception, CBD oil is not medical marijuana. Sure, while it is derived from the same plant, it contains no THC, the stuff that “gets you high,” so no psychoactive effects for Rover or Mittens. Which is important, since cats already sleep 16 hours a day, and dogs are all about “love you, man,” anyway.

Instead, CBD products use the plant’s rich cannabinoidsa naturally occurring compoundto regulate your pet’s central nervous system functions. Very safe, and your monthly kibble bill won’t spiral out of control.

CBD has become the holistic “go to” for vets because of its positive benefits across the board. Besides being highly effective in treating a wide range of ailments in humansfrom arthritis and epilepsy, to anxiety and asthmaCBD oil is also useful in treating animals. There is a great deal of promise being seen by progressive animal practitioners when it comes to treating serious critter conditions such as degenerative nerve or autoimmune disease, and CBD even boasts the ability to mitigate the symptoms that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Plus, it just plain promotes overall pet health by keeping your fuzzy friends calm, promoting heart health, and helping them to digest. Now that’s good medicine!

But how do you get your finicky feline or picky pup to actually take the stuff? Trying to wrangle a reluctant animal to force a pill down its throat is nobody’s idea of a good time. Fortunately, you can mix the recommended dosage of CBD oil with their usual food or mix it into a little peanut butter (that’s always fun to watch!) There are also CBD treats for pets are infused with specific doses according to your pets’ size.

It usually needs about a half hour to fully take effect, so plan accordingly. If your pet has mobility issues, give him his meds before his daily walks. If your aging cat tends to refuse her prescribed (and, let’s face it, pricey) high-calorie, nutrient-dense food, prep her for it with a dose of CBD oil cleverly hidden on the underside of her favorite “junk food” treat. Trust me, if you do, your fussy fur ball will gobble everything down, no hassle.

Whether the apple of your eye suffers from something serious, or could just use a little extra pampering, chances are CBD oil is the “purr-fect” solution for everything from minor maladies to “wuff” health challenges.

Just be sure to do your research, so you know that the stuff you’re giving your fur babies is the very best CBD in appropriate amounts. This is not the place to skimp!

Of course, while the chance of harm of any kind from giving a four-legged-friend CBD oil is considered exceedingly rare (even for animals on traditional meds), it’s always best to run the idea by your vet, so everyone involved can sleep well at night. (Or at least try to with a cat on your pillow and a couple of dogs sprawled all the way across the bed!)

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