High Dining in the Desert

High Dining in the Desert

The full moon always brings splendor to the sky, and a few lucky people got to witness this celestial glory rise while enjoying a marvelous meal in an elevated state themselves.

California-based cannabis company High Dining has been pairing herbal delights with gastronomic delectations since 2016—sushi and doobie rolling workshops, hello—and September's Moonlit Moveable Feast connected plates to the divine. Pretty much the headiest supper club that you can possibly imagine. 

High Dining Experience Creator Barbie Sommars curated "an exotic world of enchantment, education and epicurean delight" for 50 guests on the eve of the autumnal equinox in the high desert of Joshua Tree, CA. Inspired by her recent trip to Marrakesh, Chef Sabrina Eustis prepared a four-course menu of Moroccan-inspired courses featuring cannabis-infused haute cuisine, including CBD-steeped mocktails and a Marrira Lentil and Chickpea Soup with Cumin-Infused Coconut Oil (mmmmm....)

Smoke Cartel was honored to be a sponsor the Moonlit Moveable Feast, contributing a hand blown glass pipe to each table setting. After all, having your own piece at an dining event like this is basically as important as the silverware. 

Terpene-rich dabs, a hookah station and pre-rolls from Aloha Humboldt also enhanced the meal as diners watched the full moon ascend as the sun set, entertained by tarot readings and ethereal sounds from 3rd Ear Experience. 

Smoke Cartel hopes all the diners and vendors enjoyed the night, and kudos to Barbie and the rest of the High Dining crew on another fabulous dining adventure! We were only able to be there in spirit this time, but we hope to commune under the moon with our desert sisters and brothers one day soon...

Check out the rest of the Moonlit Moveable Feast photos here.

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