What's Up with Cannabis Weddings?

What's Up with Cannabis Weddings?

by Bart Benne, guest contributor 

Weddings, one of life’s most wonderful celebrations, shine even brighter with the open inclusion of cannabis, whether it’s the main theme or just a classy accoutrement.

“For some couples, cannabis is such an important part of the relationship that it’s a main focus of the wedding,” said Philip Wolf, owner/operator of Cultivating Spirits, a high-end Denver culinary tour company focused on infusions. “For others, they just want a cannabis-friendly wedding so there’s no sneaking around to enjoy it.”

Wolf, co-founder of the Cannabis Wedding Expo, understands the interest in weed weddings. His venture began in Denver when the state legalized recreational use in 2016 and added a San Francisco expo the following year, Los Angeles the expo after that, and now includes Las Vegas as well.

The vendors at these trade shows offer an array of services one would expect at a wedding expo. Cake decorators, dressmakers, caterers, florists, limo drivers, and other professionals who help coordinate big events. But these pros also know the ins and outs of cannabis.

“One of the most important things is to find a cannabis-friendly venue,” says Wolf. “That can mean a lot of cold calling. But a professional event planner at our expo already knows all the places in town, saving a lot of time. They also know how to pull everything else together, too.”

As with any wedding, there can be a lot to arrange. Cannabis-friendly vendors know the varying restrictions in each state to ensure success.

CBD vs. THC?

With recreational use legalized in California in 2017, a majority of the country’s pot-smoking population now has legal access to cannabis. But what about the other half?

Even in states where tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is still illegal, there are now CBD-only cannabis strains used in every possible type of product, from edibles to spliffs. So a legal weed wedding can technically be considered even in states where THC remains prohibited, though at the couple’s risk.

In legal states, having a green wedding means something much more different than it did even five years ago. Many brides want cannabis included in their weddings in an upscale way.

“We’ve had grandmothers at cannabis weddings say how wonderful they are, even when they didn’t partake,” said Wolf. “We get a lot of that kind of interest at the expos too, usually from people there to support someone else. Our expos are great ways to get grooms involved!”

Pros in the Know

Any wedding can take months of planning to pull everything togetherone reason marriage is one of life’s most stressful events. A cannabis wedding can take the edge off every step, especially when a professional budtender is there to help.

From chefs with a focus on food infusion to finding a florist who weaves hemp artistically into bouquets and boutonnieres, cannabis can elevate every aspect of the party planning

The catering spread can include CBD and/or THC-infused food and beverages, such as terpene topped cakes, THC-laden drinks, adult-friendly finger foods and well-seasoned entrees.

For delightful decorations, there are beautiful bongs that double as vases, adorned with budding flowers that also act as pokers. For those who don’t want smoke, there can be a vaping section with a pre-loaded Volcano vaporizer. Decorative joint jars can act as centerpieces, complete with strain labels and lots of pre-rolled love.

“We’ve had weddings that started with everyone getting a joint and lighting up together to ‘toast’ the couple with a toke,” said Wolf. “There’s usually champagne too, but at cannabis weddings, people don’t overindulge in alcohol.”

The highlight of a cannabis-friendly wedding reception would undoubtedly be the whole event, from the first dance to the cake. Get a dank DJ spinning away, and the whole affair can flow like one song to the next, with more dancing than with drink.

Expert weed wedding planners can help keep everyone energized, first with upbeat sativa strains to get guests moving, then, when things calm a bit and the first dance is done, hybrid strains to keep everyone chill.


Cannabis can facilitate the best possible wedding experience, where the best man’s speech will either be really hilarious or just seem that way. Happy memories will come uninhibited and heartfelt during this day of love.

Pictures will be loose and candid, capturing the special energy in each scene. The video will show the groove from beginning to end with twinkle-in-the-eye clips and candid, unencumbered comments.

Finally, at the end of it the event, friends can cast hemp seeds as the couple jump into their car to escape, pot leaves tied to the bumper.

A weed wedding’s memories are magical, calm and relaxed because the foundation is built on openness and inclusion, as opposed to hiding and deceit. A cannabis-friendly wedding is an honest first step toward a successful marriage based on honesty, trust and love.

Bart Benne has written for newspapers, magazines and websites of all sizes. He is a passionate advocate and educator for numerous just causes including cannabis reform, and now specializes in the leafless cannabis industry. You can reach him at bbenne@gmail.com

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