CasaLuna – Hemp Chocolate Bars (60mg CBD)

by Bluebird Botanicals

Make the medicine go down easy.

Handcrafted in small batches from bean to bar, CasaLuna Artisan Fine Chocolate provides 60mg of pure CBD in every wrapper. CasaLuna chocolate is 100% organic, single-origin crafted from cocoa beans and organic cane sugar with no added lecithin or vanilla. They are truly a labor of love!

CasaLuna chocolates are certified organic and Kosher and manufactured in accordance with a guiding code of conduct and ethical business standards. 


  • Dark Chocolate 60mg CBD
  • Milk Chocolate 60mg CBD

About CasaLuna Hemp Chocolate Bars

CasaLuna offers bean-to bar-chocolates with 100% organic and Kosher certified ingredients and achieves highest quality flavor by overseeing the chocolate-making process from beginning to end.

Cocoa is usually grown on small, family-owned plots of land, where cocoa trees grow to between 12 to 15 meters high and take three to four years to bloom their first fruits and flowers. Once beans are harvested, they are fermented and dried to begin the transition from bitter cocoa the wonderful taste of chocolate.

First, the cocoa pods are carefully broken open to remove the beans from the fibrous, white pulp. After they are sorted and cleaned, the beans are roasted. This is when they develop the rich brown color we know and love!

The roasted beans are crushed to separate the internal nib from the shell, then blown through an air tunnel to winnow the shell fragments up and away from the cocoa nibs. The nibs are then ground into a thick brown liquid called cocoa mass, which when mixed with our organic sugar and hemp-derived CBD and poured into a mold becomes our delicious chocolate bars.

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