Entourage – WholeFlower Hemp Oil 4.16ml (500-1000mg CBD)

by Entourage

Potent CBD dosing, fast. 

Entourage WholeFlower Hemp Oil consists of full spectrum, quality CBD oil in a strong, simple tincture. Blended smoothly with organic hemp seed oil and enhanced with proprietary cannabis terpenoids, these powerful sublingual tinctures are formulated to be one of the strongest therapeutic CBD products on the market. 

Choose from two strengths: Each 4.16ml bottle contains 24% CBD (1000mg) or 12% CBD (500mg). The 24% version delivers 50mg CBD per serving; the 12% version delivers 25mg CBD per serving. A serving is a single 0.25ml micro-dropper.

Entourage WholeFlower Hemp Oil is manufactured according to the WholeFlower Principle, which utilizes the entire hemp plant including stems, stalks and rootas well as trichomes, seeds, and tissues found in the hemp flower. This preserves the natural symbiotic profile of the whole flower and provide a safer and more effective end product.

How To Use Entourage WholeFlower Hemp Oil 

Dispense under the tongue one drop at a time. Hold for 60-90 seconds before swallowing to allow for maximum absorption. If you’re new to CBD and cannabis products, we recommend you start with the lowest possible dose and slowly build up.


  • Raw organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • Natural hemp extract
  • Non-GMO CBD propriety formula delivering a total of 7 cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, THCV, CBDV, and legal trace amounts of THC

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